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15 Senators Sign Letter Requesting Hagel’s Withdraw from Sec Def Nomination


Chuck Hagel

read/download .pdf of Letter Requesting President Obama Withdraw Hagel’s Nomination for Secretary of Defense

[notify textbox-grey]Senator Ted Cruz:
Given Senator Chuck Hagel’s disturbing record on foreign policy and poor confirmation hearing performance, he lacks the trust and confidence needed to serve as Defense Secretary at such a critical time.

Today, I joined 14 of my Senate colleagues in calling on President Obama to withdraw Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense.[/notify]


Concerning Chuck Hagel:
Obama Deliberating Further Reductions in America’s Nuclear Arsenal”

Regarding Tehran (as mentioned in letter):
Obama’s woman in Tehran
[divider solid] Another Incriminating Hagel Speech

Heritage Foundation – Feb. 22, 2013 – Yet another of former Senator Chuck Hagel’s (R–NE) speeches has now come back to bite him, and it could be the straw that topples his nomination for Secretary of Defense.

This time, it is a speech given on November 8, 2007, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), on whose “Commission on Smart Power” Hagel served that year. In it, Hagel actually argued in favor of downgrading the importance of U.S. military power and cast outrageous aspersions on the Bush Administration at a time when the country was at war in Iraq.

The CSIS’s “Smart Power Report” soon became a mantra of the Obama Administration after taking office in 2009, a blueprint for State Department and USAID reform. “Smart power,” however, is not particularly about being smart but about the evisceration of theU.S.military, which in fact Hagel would be presiding over if confirmed.

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