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Arizona advances bill to arm teachers with guns in schools


Arizona advances bill to arm teachers with guns in schools

(The Washington Times) – Arizona has moved forward with legislation giving teachers the ability to carry guns in school.

The Senate passed the bill, and now the House takes it up, the Los Angeles Times reports. The bill would give individual school boards around the state the power to vote on teacher-carry rights. School boards could let any school employee — not just teachers — the ability to carry a concealed handgun, pistol or revolver onto campus property, the L.A. Times says.

The caveats are this: The school would have to be located 20 miles or more, or 30 minutes driving distance, from the nearest police station. The school cannot have an armed resource officer. And the school must have fewer than 600 students.

Arizona isn’t the only state considering laws to arm teachers. Earlier this month, South Dakota successfully passed a law giving school officials the right to carry on campus.

( – The bill passed the Senate on a 17-11 party line vote, and now moves to the House. If approved by both chambers, the measure would allow certain school employees to carry concealed firearms in schools with fewer than 600 students that are more than 30 minutes and 20 miles from the nearest law enforcement agency.

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