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chakra_and_energyThere seems to be one act of balancing that is most difficult for the majority of people; only a small minority seem to be able to handle this particular balancing act – balancing our Self. This is not in the physical sense of where our equilibrium comes into play, but in the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect of our inner Self.

If the emotional, mental, and/or spiritual aspect of who we are is out of balance in any way, then it triggers a sense of imbalance throughout the other portions of what makes up our lives – home, work, family, friends, etc. There comes a time for almost everyone when a sense of feeling overwhelmed sets in. We begin to feel that reaching the summit and putting aside all that bombards us on a daily basis, never seems to be within our grasp. It is in these times that we find out who we are. It is in these times when we need to see if our inner Self is balanced and if not, where we need to either build up on one end of the scale or off-load on the other.

In balancing our lives, it also becomes necessary to prioritize all that we have to deal with. At first glance we feel that everything is equally important and must be accomplished at the same time. This is when we lose our sense of balance and the scales start to tip way off center. Procrastination either on our part or the part of someone that we are depending on, can add to this already surmounting chaos. Of course one should always remember that it is ultimately up to us to either achieve balance in our own lives or continue to go un-checked and fall way off center.

When falling too far to one side of the scale we lose all perspective of what our goal was to begin with. This starts a nasty little cycle of having to now put everything on hold so that we can refocus ourselves and find time to at least take a small breath. Once we have accomplished that we now find that we are falling even further behind and begin to feel even more overwhelmed because there just doesn’t seem to be an end to the psychic turmoil we are now under. We begin to put too much pressure on ourselves.

It is in those moments that balance becomes so much more important. Instead of hanging onto that balance throughout our daily lives, we digress. The hardest trick to master is to remain balanced at all times. Remember, we choose that which concerns us and that which does not. Only when we are in balance do we have that proper perspective of what our priorities are and the balanced attitude to properly deal with them.

When life itself seems way out of balance and you begin feeling like there is no setting it straight, find your own center and balance your inner Self.

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