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\fə-ˈlä-s(ə-)fē\ – : pursuit of wisdom | : a search for a general understanding of values and reality by chiefly speculative rather than observational means | : an analysis of the grounds of and concepts expressing fundamental beliefs

Blog image: Master of Puppets

So sad the jester is oftimes mistakenly taken for a fool. Then again, perhaps only a fool would be so happy being led and tugged around by strings.

Blog mindfulness_meditation

On a deeper and more personal, philosophical, or even spiritual level, people tend to think and think and think…. It’s much harder to focus upon any one thing because there is no real concrete thing that our thoughts can stand firm on.

Blog strong-willpower-best-medicine

“You are what your deep driving desire is; As your deep driving desire is, so is your will; As your will is so is your deed; As your deed is so is your destiny.”

Blog chakra_and_energy

There seems to be one act of balancing that is most difficult for the majority of people; only a small minority seem to be able to handle this particular balancing act – balancing our Self.

Blog forgiv10

The concept of forgive and forget is a difficult one and no longer works in…

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