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Censorship: Blue Coat Notification


If you are trying to access the Situation Brief website or specific articles posted herein and receive this message:

You have reached - Blue Coat

You have reached
If you were expecting another web site, this may be the result of a configuration error in your network. The domain is the default “virtual hostname” for user notification pages produced by security appliances from Blue Coat Systems, Inc. Requests in your network for that host should be intercepted by the appliance. Please seek assistance from your network administrators.
If you came to deliberately, you have now seen the entire site.

…please be aware that it is not a site error.

Blue Coat is NOT the server host for Situation Brief. According to The Citizen Lab, in an article written regarding the use of Blue Coat in Syria and Burma, Blue Coat is a system set up by some companies and by certain governments to censor websites/information from the consumer.

If you are experiencing a Blue Coat notification, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your company, or try using a proxy server if it is your country, in order to access
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