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FACT CHECK: Obama the ‘Talker’ did not Liberate Libya … Sarkozy the ‘Runner’ did!


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by Darius Kadivar

Let’s Give Credit Where it’s due Mr. President …

I watched with amusement how President Barack Obama the « Intergalactic Super Hero » responded to Mitt Romney’s criticism on his « slow reaction » in condemning the US ambassador’s assassination as « an act of terror ».

Having closely followed and reported on the mount up to the NATO Coalition War in Libya with regular updates ( see my blogs and their chronology as proof) I can say with some authority that Obama WAS NOT the Commander in Chief he claims to be, be it prior, during or after the conflict which led to the downfall of Libya’s brutal tyrant.

I also noted with amusement that at the time when I blogged so frequently on Libya many of my fellow IC’s ( Faramarz being an exception … and I thank him for that) were telling me why bother ? What is Libya to us as Iranians or Iranian Americans? I had the exact same reactions on Facebook where I would post my blogs.

Yet Libya as I suspected from Day One would be central not only to the way America see’s itself as a global player in the international community (all the more that it is a privileged member of the UN Security Council) but also that Libya would also play a central role in the American and French Presidential debates although unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

I would like to add that I also remain critical of Mitt Romney and the Republican team in trying to use the Libyan crisis for purely electoral calculations and I am not certain that his team actually understand the ramifications and complexities of the situation in Libya …

However If the incumbent President Obama felt « offended » by Mitt Romney’s suggestions that he did not react fast enough in condemning and identifying the assassination of the American ambassador as an « act of terror » … then I am equally « offended » that the incumbent President takes those who followed closely the events in Libya from Day One for Idiots … In addition as a Journalist I was also equally shocked, but hardly surprised, to observe the Liberal bias with which CNN Journalist Candy Crowley took the President’s side and hence influence the judgment of the viewers in a major electoral confrontation which otherwise commanded on behalf of the deemed « moderator » a neutral stance towards the arguments or counter arguments presented by each candidate.


But I’m afraid the TRUTH rarely Matters in such major confrontations … What truly matters is to win your argument in the heat of the debate be it dishonestly given the High stakes.

It is less the substance of the argument that matters than the form in which it is expressed … that in itself indicates how superficial public opinion can be …

For one has to admit that the « cool », « intergalactic hero » who barely a year after his election was even confered the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 ( for which accomplishments may we ask ? ) has been very good in showing off his « cool » looks and making remarkable « moralistic » speeches lecturing the world on how to « talk the walk » but never actually « walking the walk ».

It has often been said exaggeratedly that the Press is the « 4th Power » or as the French would say « Le quatrième pouvoir » …

This sentiment has often led people to weave « conspiracy theories » on how public opinion is manipulated into believing certain things.

Tuesday’s debate has given me enough material to revise my judgment … Media is a « 4th Power » which can decide of the fate of a given election in total immunity only to hypocritically claim that it is merely reflecting « public opinion » …

As the French would say … Mon Oeil !

During this year’s French elections I noticed the same media bias towards Sarkozy who unlike Obama was blasted from day One of his presidency, partly due to his own hostility towards those medias and the dictatorship of repeated Polls who in the name of informing public opinion often directly or indirectly play an important role in shaping that same public opinion into believing any crap fed to them.

I am ready to bet that the Press, particularly television and radio Networks and it’s Overpaid Stars ( Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Colbert Show, The View, MSNBC and Co) will make sure Obama will be percieved as the « Mr. Nice Guy » and Romney as the dishonest demagogue he isn’t and never was. The same Media corporations in the hands of the same influential Liberal boss’ ( Wasn’t Ted Turner married to Hanoi Jane ? ) will guarantee Obama’s re election as their French counterparts contributed to the defeat of a Far more meritant French President …

Let’s look more closely to what Mitt Romney actually says and one sees that the purpose of his criticism was not the President’s lack of Patriotism but his lack of judgment and reactivity towards major events.

However firm in his words Romney was far more polite than the incumbent president ever was towards him throughout the debate. Obama was often reducing the debate to a character assassination of Mitt Romney depicted as a « Liar », questioning even his Professional qualifications and even blaming him for being « rich » and « successful » in a country which since it’s very inception was founded on capitalism and entrepreunial initiatives. Should we conclude that Mr. Obama is not merely a Liberal … but actually a Socialist ? … Why Not … after all there is nothing wrong with socialism in itself. Many countries including the one I live in has chosen this path today ( albeit not always with happy results … ), so have many Scandinavian countries ( including Monarchies like Sweden, Holland or Denmark) with far mores success and positive results. But then why not Say it Frankly Barack ?

Nothing shameful about saying it down right that You are a Red ! … It won’t be the end of the world …

But quite honestly I do not know which of the two candidates has the adequate answer to the international economic turmoil which is affecting every country in the world …

But I do Know What is a LIE and What is a LEGITIMATE CRITIC !

Mr. OBAMA You are certainly Not responsible for ALL the Problems, Conflicts and violence which have spread across the Middle East and North Africa. You are not to blame when a lunatic student purchases a machine gun and shoots down his entire class or slaughters an entire campus before killing himself.

No objective observer can deny the fact that you inherited from your Republican predecessor the War in Iraq and Afghanistan ( dubbed « A War on Terror » against a deemed « Axis of Evil ») added to an unexpected Wall Street Crisis which have since triggered the most serious economic crisis since 1929 …

In the face of these Larger than Life catasrophes Not even a Super Hero could have been able to live up to the Challenge. Does that mean that you deserve a Medal for that Matter ? You already won a prestigious one for basically no accomplishment (i.e : further below)

The Point however is that if You are certainly Not to be held RESPONSIBLE for all the above Damages … You ARE however ACCOUNTIBLE …

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