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Illegal Immigration: The Smokescreen

Image: Slanted Right Blog

Image: Slanted Right Blog

I have come to the conclusion that the diversion tactics, regarding immigration, have been a huge success for the Progressive/Communist/Muslims in their takeover of the United States.

Get the ‘news’ out there that America’s biggest immigration issue is all the illegals coming from south of the border; start publicly placating to the ‘Hispanic community’; accuse the Republicans of hating Hispanics garnering more Hispanic votes to either keep or get more Progressives into U.S. government – viola! Success! Now just about everyone is totally convinced that America’s immigration problem is from the illegal aliens coming from Mexico, and that they all are Mexican. When in reality…

The greatest fraud upon the people is that, since Bill Clinton was in office and even through George Bush’s days, the so-called refugees and asylum seekers have been pouring into the United States at staggering numbers. But from where?

Somalia, China, Burma, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Bhutan, Egypt, Nepal, Haiti, Iran, Colombia, Russia, India

“Asylees from the top three countries of origin for asylum seekers — China, Venezuela, and Ethiopia — made up 43 percent (or 10,784) of all asylees in 2011 (see Table 2). At the same time, the number of Colombian asylees, the second largest group of asylees in 2008 and fourth largest in 2009, has declined significantly from 1,660 in 2008 to 538 in 2011.

More specifically, 8,601 persons from China received asylum in 2011, accounting for 34 percent of all individuals who received asylum that year. The next four largest origin groups were from Venezuela (1,107), Ethiopia (1,076), Egypt (1,028), and Haiti (878), accounting for another 16 percent. Together, nationals of these five countries made up more than half of all individuals who received asylum status in 2011.”

Another huge lie is that all Democrats are Liberals and all Republicans are conservatives. Progressives have pretty much take over the Democratic party with only a handful of Democrats left, and they have infiltrated the Republican party, as well, with a good portion being elite statists, and only a handful being conservative. (Example? Every last member of the Gang-of-8 Immigration Panel is anti-constitution.)

Why does any of this matter?

It is my personal opinion that jihadists were/are being brought into the United States and placed in areas no one would suspect them of being, the Nation of Islam was allowed to grow its base in other places most people would not suspect them, allowed certain rights that are slowly being taken away from actual American citizens, while the power-that-be stood by and watched them stir the pot that is drawing out true patriotic Americans (ie, conservatives) by any means necessary (including violence), letting them kill each other off, all in order to enact more controlling laws over the people thereby eliminating the constitution both the communists and Muslims hate so much.

Why do I say this?

First, because I read alot instead of vegging out in front of the television watching anti-reality shows or hollywood wannabe propaganda reporters.

The Nation of Islam has a strong foothold in the United States, including, but not limited to, their own segregated communities, international headquarters, schools, law enforcement/courts, and have infiltrated our very own government in which they help dictate the terms of the so-called ‘war on terror’. This is not new.

The Nation of Islam has been trying to grow in its numbers within our borders for almost a century. Since the early 90’s it has been an established part of the American landscape and most people didn’t even notice until 2001, and even more so since 2009.

Before the onslaught of Islam over America, however, came the Communist threat. That was subdued when America overwhelmingly elected Ronald Reagan for 8 years. It not only threw a monkey wrench in their plans, it pretty much put an end to total Communist take over.

Today, the Muslim Brotherhood, using some Communist skills (and aid) by taking a leaf out their ‘take over America book’, is more of an issue with what is wrong with America than the Mexicans being allowed to cross over our southern border.

That is not to say that the influx of illegals from Mexico is small and not a problem for a country on the brink of financial collapse, it is to say it’s a method being used to usher in the destruction of America, and its founding principles, from within.

If the Constitution of the United States is not fought for, then eventually, in my opinion, the only war left on the planet will be between Atheists and Allah. For while they may be working together in the interim, they both wish to be in total control of the world. And whoever takes control of the United States of America will have the greatest asset and be the greatest threat to all other countries.

Sure would be nice if those in control were the American citizens and not constitution-hating foreign entities.

Image: Slanted Right – How Islamists Came to Dominate European Islam


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