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Israel Shoots Down 3 of 4 Rockets Fired from Sinai


IDF’s Iron Dome strikes launches from Sinai Peninsula

rocketinterceptIsraelWashington Times – The Islamic State seems to want to expand the war in the Middle East to include Israel. We have written for some time that Hamas in Gaza is sheltering ISIS commanders inside the Gaza Strip to keep them from Egyptian authorities. Iran is funding Hamas as well as operating militias throughout Syria and Iraq. These militias, including Hezbollah, have vowed to attack the Jewish state once hostilities die down against the Assad regime.

The Israeli missile defense system, the Iron Dome, today shot down three rockets over the southern Israeli city of Eliat. No one was injured but the incident caused anxiety attacks among the local and tourist populations of the popular destination. A fourth rocket was allowed to strike an empty field inside Israel.

The rockets were fired from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, according to the Israel Defense Forces. There were no immediate claims of responsibility, but the Islamic State affiliate Ansar Bait al-Maqdis — formerly known as Wilayat Sinai — has been waging a bloody battle with Egyptian forces in the peninsula, reports The Times of Israel.

“When there is a successful interception the city returns to routine quickly, as people understand that the city is protected,” Itsik Alfasi, a senior Eilat police officer told Israel Radio.

In northern Israel, in the Golan Heights, Israeli troops reported mortar fire from Syrian positions. No one was injured.

Daily Mail – Islamic State has claimed responsibility for rocket fire on the Israeli resort of Eilat, launched from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

During the attack, four projectiles were fired into southern Israel, where three were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, according to the Israeli Defence Force’s Southern Command.

The Israeli army said Wednesday evening’s rocket fire did not cause any casualties or any damage to property.

A total of 11 people were treated for shock in Eilat’s Joseftal Hospital following the attack, including an Australian tourist, four holidaymakers and half a dozen local residents, the Jerusalem Post reports.

The lone missile that was not intercepted fell into open ground short of the town.

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