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Israel, US blamed for ‘supporting’ terrorists


Who is undermining Egypt’s security?

Nasr city apartment burns following raid on alleged “terrorist cell” [Al-Masry Al-Youm]


Thursday, 01 November 2012

During the week preceding Eid Al-Adha, when all Muslims were preparing themselves mentally and spiritually for the Eid festival, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued in Cairo the following statement:

“The security authorities had access to vital information about the presence of a dangerous terrorist cell that planned to carry out terrorist attacks in Cairo as well as to revive a dangerous terrorist organization in Egypt. The security forces laid siege to one of the terrorist cells that was hiding in a building in District 10 in Cairo’s eastern Nasr City. The forces fired at the terrorists after one of them threw bombs at them. After three hours of crossfire, the terrorist cell chief was killed while four others ran away.

“Subsequently, the security forces gave chase to the fugitives. After receiving information about their hideout in a residential apartment in the Fifth Avenue area of the city, security forces surrounded the area and arrested all of them. The arrested suspects are one Tunisian national and three Egyptians, including a former senior security officer. Among the cache of arms seized from the hideout were a large quantity of explosives, electrical circuits connected to explosives, machine guns, and four rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). There was also a special plant for manufacturing explosives. The seized weapons also included several bombs, missiles and remote detonation devices.”

The Egyptian minister of interior announced that there would be daily briefings about this grave issue targeting national security. The minister added that national security forces have foiled several crimes over the past few days.

Meanwhile, a high level security source announced that the arrested suspects are part of a revived dangerous international terrorist outfit that wants to have a strong presence in Egypt in order to destabilize the country by taking advantage of the poor economic conditions.

Furthermore, the official said that the shipment of missiles, RPGs, automatic weapons and ammunition that was seized was to be used in devastating terrorist operations in Egypt. Contrary to some reports, these missiles and weapons were not on their way to the Gaza Strip, because most of the weapons that are being smuggled to Gaza do not normally come by this route. As for the huge cache of arms, they were meant for Cairo to be used in acts of terror. This plan, however, was foiled by the security forces.

In another development, while Egypt was confronting terrorism, Israel attempted to steal some vital documents from Egypt. In fact, Israel is mainly responsible for spreading terrorism in the region because of the unfair provisions in the Camp David Peace Treaty. There is a provision in the treaty that prevents Egypt from deploying security forces in the Sinai.

As a result of this, terrorism has taken root in the Sinai, and the US has played a great role in supporting these terrorists. This is one of the main reasons for the spread of terrorism in the Middle East.

It was at this critical time that Egypt foiled a major attempt to steal Egyptian documents concerned with Egyptian Jews. The theft of these documents would have been a major threat to Egypt’s national security.

However, government agents in Cairo managed to seize the documents and papers from inside a cargo company in Nasr City. There were 13 large suitcases filled with documents and papers that were meant to be shipped to Jordan and from there to Israel.

So far, it has been revealed that there is more than one suspect involved in this crime. The main suspect is a foreign woman whose name was written on the parcels. Some public figures were also involved in the incident, and they include a prominent leader of the dissolved National Party, who is now in custody. Among others involved is the head of a sports club in Giza, who played a major role in collecting the documents in view of his relations with a person residing in Lebanon. The Cairo secret police arrested him and referred him to the prosecution.

There is no doubt that Egypt has been targeted. But who is behind these terror suspects, and has the attempt to steal important documents been done with the ulterior motive of distorting and rewriting the nation’s history? As for the United States, it was behind the birth of terrorism through its arming of Al-Qaeda to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. al-Qaeda has now become a threat to not only the United States but to all Arab states.

As far as Jews are concerned, they are living with a single hope – the collapse of Egypt, which stands in the way of their domination and rule of the greater Middle East. They also live in hope of distorting the history of Egypt whether it is that of Egyptians or of Jews in Egypt.

We must, therefore, demand that the Egyptian government review the Camp David Treaty, whether Israel likes it or not. International law and conventions permit this. We also hope that the Egyptian army will return to the Sinai Peninsula.

As a law-abiding man, I would say that the crimes of terrorism, of the intimidation of people, and of helping those who attempt to steal the history of Egypt are crimes of treason and there is only one punishment — execution!

(Hassan Tahsin is an Egyptian writer and political analyst. This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette on Nov. 1, 2012)
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