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It’s all about Hispanic-America

"Texas: Student Punished for Refusing to Pledge to the ‘Mexican’ Flag" Read more:

“Texas: Student Punished for Refusing to Pledge to the ‘Mexican’ Flag”
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Gone are the days of the un-hyphenated American. If the Progressives (both sides of the political aisle) continue to have their way, gone will be the days of America, et. al.

Immigration into the United States is not just coming from Mexico. As an example, the Boston Bombers were not Hispanic and did not hail from south of the border. Convenient stores are not being managed, for the most part, by Hispanics but generally by a foreign national from across the Atlantic. And a decent populous of Washington State, as well as Hollywood, is derived from our northern border ally, Canada.

So why is the greatest majority of the population automatically equating the terms illegal and immigration with Mexicans?

Anyone actually filling out their census forms every ten years and/or just viewing the census reports will see the breakdown in questioning the population by race … and a single ethnicity:


White or European American
Black or African American
Asian American
American Indian or Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
Some Other Race
Two or More Races

Not Hispanic or Latino

Non-Hispanic White or European American
Non-Hispanic Black or African American
Non-Hispanic Asian
Non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native
Non-Hispanic Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander
Non-Hispanic Some Other Race
Non-Hispanic Two or more races

Hispanic or Latino

White or European American Hispanic
Black or African American Hispanic
American Indian or Alaska Native Hispanic
Asian Hispanic
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander Hispanic
Some Other Race Hispanic
Two or more races Hispanic

And anyone enrolling their children in public schools will see most forms are written in English on one side and Spanish on the other. Grocery store aisles are not only being marked with Spanish equivalents but are also being stocked with “international” foods. Even coupons that come in the mailers or as inserts in the Sunday paper are now posting the ‘consumer information’ in both English and Spanish.

It’s a pandering to an ethnicity that, in large part, are in America illegally.

Currently there is a “gang of 8” who are snubbing their noses at anyone who wishes to thwart the consistent influx of illegal immigrants, no matter where they are coming from, while also offering, in one form or another, amnesty to some 11 million already in the United States. Of course the greatest majority of those 11 million are Hispanic.

So it’s no wonder the media espouses, and people automatically jump to the conclusion, that America’s immigration issues stem from Mexico.

America’s immigration policy aside, there is another growing issue with regard to America and it’s governmental love for all things Hispanic.

As controversial as this is going to sound to some, it is a reality that few wish to succinctly state – Hispanics offer cheap labor and they are easier for a Progressive government to control.

Americans have heard how Mexicans are climbing, crawling, walking, running, etc. across the southern border in search of a better life, and it’s true, to a point.

Sure, America doesn’t have drug cartels shooting up the block, we just have a government that supplies those cartels with guns (ie, ‘Fast and Furious’).

Sure, America has agricultural jobs that pay little and have poor working conditions because they’ve moved a good chunk of manufacturing jobs to Mexico and overseas countries and/or have outsourced their manufacturing to Asian countries.

Sure, America doesn’t have a legal national language, even though American English is the number one spoken language in the world, and has immigrants from all over the world, but it’s willing to alter it’s written documents for Hispanics to feel ‘more at home’.

Well welcome to America!

Let’s discuss just how America treats its own, with the premise that outside of the American Indian (true Native American), all who are here are either descendant from or are currently immigrants.

Being white in America had its upside, as well as its downside. Viewing the census reports since 1980 shows a decline in the white population. Whites came to America, destroyed a way of life for the natives who lived here, then created a form of government that immigrants flee their own country to experience.

Whites in the southern states, known as Democrats, held onto their notion they were better than blacks and fought to keep the right to own, and in many cases abuse, slaves (Native Americans had their black slaves, too.)

Whites in northern states, known as Republicans, fought to end slavery and establish the black race as equals, as is written in the Constitution of the United States – that all men are created equal.

Whites today, of all political genres, are still paying the price for the actions of a few and are seeing their numbers dwindle in lieu of a bigger better government that wishes to control the new growing masses of Hispanics.

But not before it has used up the blacks.

Blacks were sold by their own in Africa to become slaves to the white man.

Blacks had to undergo a segregation that made them continue to feel less than equal until a few stood on their own in the face of hypocrisy and bigotry therefore creating a movement that gave them equal status among men, but not before

John Willis Menard (1838-1893); Republican – Louisiana | Term: 1868
Joseph Rainey (1832-1887); Republican – South Carolina | Term:1870-1879
Jefferson F. Long (1836-1901); Republican – Georgia | Term: 1870-1871
Robert C. De Large (1842-1874); Republican – South Carolina | Term: 1871-1873
Robert B. Elliott (1842-1884); Republican – South Carolina | Term: 1871-1874
Benjamin S. Turner (1825-1894); Republican – Alabama | Term: 1871-1873
Josiah T. Walls (1842-1905); Republican – Florida | Terms: 1871-1873, 1873-1875, 1875-1876
Richard H. Cain (1825-1887); Republican – South Carolina | Terms: 1873-1875, 1877-1879
John R. Lynch (1847-1939); Republican – Mississippi | Terms: 1873-1877, 1882-1883
James T. Rapier (1837-1883); Republican – Alabama | Term: 1873-1875
Alonzo J. Ransier (1834-1882); Republican – South Carolina | Term: 1873-1875
Jeremiah Haralson (1846-1916); Republican – Alabama | Term: 1875-1877
John Adams Hyman (1840-1891); Republican – North Carolina | Term: 1875-1877
Charles E. Nash (1844-1913); Republican – Louisiana | Term: 1875-1877
Robert Smalls (1839-1915); Republican – South Carolina | Terms: 1875-1879, 1882-1883, 1884-1887
James E. O’Hara (1844-1905); Republican – North Carolina | Term: 1883-1887
Henry P. Cheatham (1857-1935); Republican – North Carolina | Term: 1889-1893
John Mercer Langston (1829-1897); Republican – Virginia | Term: 1890-1891
Thomas E. Miller (1849-1938); Republican – South Carolina | Term: 1890-1891 (white – He was adopted by slaves)
George W. Murray (1853-1926); Republican – South Carolina | Terms: 1893-1895, 1896-1897
George Henry White (1852-1918); Republican – North Carolina | Term: 1897-1901

Congressmenbecame America’s first black congressmen in the House of Representatives, and …

Hiram Rhodes Revels (1822-1901); Republican – Mississippi | Term: 1870-1871
Blanche Bruce (1841-1898); Republican – Mississippi | Term: 1875-1881

became America’s first black Senators.
(Also see: National Black Republican Association)

Blacks have been educated to believe that their problems stem from white Americans, particularly white Republicans, while at the same time it is their Democratic leaders, mostly white, that have made promises to better their lives with better living conditions, better jobs, better education, and better healthcare. At the same time they are continuing to see their cities degrade (ie, Detroit, Chicago) and fall into desolation as they continue to elect their officials based upon race and/or political promises.

So now that the whites have been ostracized by … whites leaving a divide among themselves, and blacks have been lead to believe that all whites are racist, evil incarnates by both blacks … and whites, what do the Hispanics really expect will happen to them once they are used up and the ever-growing Muslim population within America continues to grow at an astronomical rate?

While blacks are being promised free phones and whites are being touted as the number one welfare recipients and both are being lied to and manipulated, Hispanics are the ones truly receiving the benefits – both legal and illegal.

Progressives are fighting for no photo voter identification for the sole purpose of allowing those with fraudulent identities to vote. Of course Americans are aware that it is the Hispanic community, as explained to us by the government-controlled media (designed to keep the people divided), who are the ones that use fake social security numbers.

Population by Race/Ethnicity and Welfare

“On the 2000 Census questionnaire, “race” and “Hispanic ethnicity” are listed as separate questions. A person of Hispanic ethnicity is anyone who identifies with that social group, and so can be of any race. This can make data on race and ethnicity difficult to interpret.”

1980 Census 1990 Census 2000 Census 2010 Census
White 180,256,103| 79.57% 188,128,296 | 75.64% 194,552,774 | 69.13% 196,817,552 | 63.7%
Black 26,104,285 | 11.52% 29,216,293 | 11.75% 33,947,837 | 12.06% 37,685,848| 12.2%
Asian 3,489,835 | 1.54% 6,968,359 | 2.80% 10,123,169 | 3.60% 14,465,124 | 4.7%
Hispanic 14,608,673 | 6.45% 22,354,059 | 8.99% 35,305,818 | 12.55% 50,477,594 | 16.4%

sources: (1980-2000) and Demographics of the United States (cites source within file)
2010 Census information listed here are from total non-Hispanic and total Hispanic counts only

From the above chart it is becoming clearer why the U.S. government is pandering to a cultural identity, legal or not, rather than identifying all ‘citizens’ as Americans; the Hispanic population has overtaken the black population, even though there is a slow increase among blacks, and continues to rise as the white population declines.

As for the welfare benefits…

There are arguments regarding the term ‘statistics’ because some equate the total population of any race/ethnicity with regard to the percentage of that race receiving benefits. Others argue the statistics are biased to show that one race/ethnicity receives more benefits over the other for political reasons and the stats per race capita should be done away with. The truth remains, however, you have a percentage of certain races/ethnicities and you have a percentage receiving welfare. Whether you agree or disagree as to calculations and sum totals of who is receiving the most benefits as to the population of that race/ethnicity or not is a matter for either mathematicians or manipulators, or both.
[divider dotted] Welfare Statistics Oct. 2012
U.S. Population as of 8:35am Friday May 17, 2013 (Population Clock) – 315,871,059 – up from 313,933,954 on July 4, 2012. Either the population figure or the percentage of Americans on welfare, being only 4.1% or 4,300,000 in Oct. 2012 is incorrect.

Total number of Americans on welfare 4,300,000
Total number of Americans on food stamps 46,700,000
Total number of Americans on unemployment insurance 5,600,000
Percent of the US population on welfare 4.1 %
Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
[divider dotted] No matter which side of the political landscape you wish to prune and/or maintain, there seems to be an argument to be made.

Is 39% of the welfare money being spent on whites with 40% spent on blacks and 16% on Hispanics? Or is only 39% of the white population (being 64% of the total population), 40% of the black population (being only 12.2% of the total population), and 16% of the Hispanic population (being 16% of the total population) receiving welfare?

If it’s the former, then it would be argued that 100% of the Hispanics are receiving some sort of welfare from the U.S. taxpayer dollars since their population allegedly only makes up 16% of the total U.S. population. However, it is also true that not all Hispanics receive welfare.

On a labor union job site, where there is a vast number of Hispanics working, they pay their union dues and pay their taxes out of their checks, but do not file tax returns because they are here illegally. Of the money they receive, they send a good chunk of it back to their families in Mexico in hopes they can also escape to the great country of America. With that truth, it could also be argued that the census reports are not accurate in calculating just how many Hispanics are in the U.S. and therefore plausibly make up more than 16% of the total population.

If only 'con' meant the same thing in Spanish as it does in English.

If only ‘con’ meant the same thing in Spanish as it does in English.

Hence why America, and all its politics, has become the Hispanic-America. Hispanics are the growing populous, even if the greatest majority of them are illegal or have made it here illegally to have their children who become considered legal.

Hispanics are now America’s new cultural identity for the purposes of political gain.

Whites will always be vilified, especially by their own white Progressive counterparts. Blacks will always be told they can’t do any better because ‘its someone else’s fault so let us help you by tearing down your homes and relocating you into even more impoverished areas after we get your vote’ so we can make room for the newcomers. All the while Hispanics are being moved to the top of the governmental food chain with the same promises, from the same Progressive government, that were given to the blacks – jobs, homes, food, and medical care.

“Come! America embraces you with open arms [as we stab you in the back and use you as a ladder to climb our own way to the top].” ~Your Progressive Government of America (no particular party-line distinction)

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