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Liars Admonishing Liars


how-to-lie-with-statisticsIt never ceases to amaze me how a blatant liar has the nerve to admonish others who lie. A fine example is within the United States government – all politicians lie yet point fingers at the others each time they are caught up in a lie just in order to cast the shadow of doubt off of themselves. It seems to be the way of the world, tho.

The legal system has turned into a political arena with ‘he who tells the biggest lie and most believable story wins’. You see it everyday with children, especially once they start school. Children tend to make something up really quick in order to refrain from being punished. So when does it end?

Is lying something that just goes unnoticed now-a-days? Or have we become so accustomed to liars that we simply dismiss them? Or… are there so many liars that it is no longer an easy task to sift through the debris to see the truth that is hidden? And what makes people so readily gullible to believe a liar? Their delivery of their deceit?

Whatever happened to the saying ‘the truth shall set you free’? A quick gander at the world around us tells us that many of the truthsayers have fallen over into the world of deception because it is the only way they feel justice can be given them.

It takes a very strong individual to be able to stand up to the overwhelming array of liars, especially when that liar is pointing a finger at you and your truth. But what does the world become if everyone falls prey to falsehoods and gives in? If the truth quits being truthful then we would surely find ourselves in the midst of liars admonishing other liars and the truth will only be known by one strong enough to carry that truth through to the end.

So what to do when the liar believes their own lie? Sure, there are those that pass along a lie that was told them by another simply because they didn’t see through the deceit, isn’t their lack of vision also to blame when the story they are telling is not truth? ‘Tis not always easier to stand up for your truth when facing off with a liar that knows the truth but chooses to lie than it is someone who desperately believes the lie they are spewing. It is a shame that the only way for truth to be set free is with factual proof. Even then, if the liar feels the least bit of naysaying may be headed their direction, they will stand by their lie to the bitter end.

What a shameless, self-centered, cowardice society we now live in today, where people are so quick to pass judgment upon another without first taking a look at themselves. Perhaps the liar the liar should be admonishing is that face staring back at them in the mirror.

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