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Middle East Plan Comes Full Circle


It would be untrue to say the whole plan began under Obama, but would not be unfair to say he took it further and, at lightening speed, is bringing it to fruition.

Bringing what to fruition, you ask? Good question!

The Levant

Many believe Obama to be Muslim himself and therefore is aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in its rise to reinstate a semblance of the Ottoman Empire, caliphate, or whatever they want to call it this century. There is talk about the NWO, with the World Bank at the helm, that’s driving the entire Middle East … crisis? Of course there are still those wandering souls who believe it always has been and always will be all about the U.S.’ desire to control the oil in the Middle East, with a little bit of Poppy field thrown in there for ‘flavor’. Of course one cannot forget about the contracts to rebuild a nation, or several, war-torn by endless U.S. occupation on soil not their own, either.

Arming every faction of Islam, the U.S. has now aided in establishing a war system in the Middle East that did nothing more than move from camels and swords to bullets and RPGs. The Middle East has always been at each other’s throats for one reason or another. It’s in their DNA. While Iran may have allowed their women to dress more in western attire back in the 70’s (1970’s), the world knows that is not the case today. However, Syria, currently under Assad, does still continue to allow some freedoms for both their women and those practicing various faiths. That was until the latest of the U.S.-backed rebels decided to run out the Kurds, slaughter Christians, and let loose Sarin gas on its own people (more on that later). Now Assad is fighting, with Russian backing, to maintain his position the U.S. is so desperately trying to overthrow.

At this point many are probably thinking it’s Obama, not the U.S., and this article is sounding like a sympathy plea to give the “moderate” Muslims a chance. Wrong!

It is this author’s belief there is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. Have I ever met a Muslim that appeared to be nice, kind, and considerate to a white, female American? Yes. Does that mean his son wouldn’t cut my head off if I belittle his precious Muhammad? No.

We all draw lines in the sand, of course Obama’s line tends to move quite a bit, so why would I believe a Muslim, any of them, would not become enraged when that line is crossed? Because there are Islamic factions fighting with each other? They’re fighting for control over who will dictate the laws of their holy book. Because there are moderate Muslims speaking out and protesting against those we’re led to believe are the “radical few”? There aren’t any. On September 11, 2001 and 2012, Muslims all across the world were rejoicing and rioting against us, the U.S., and any other western, civilized nation.

‘But,’ you say, ‘there’s Egypt! The people there stood against Morsi and his radicals.’ Yes, they did! And more power to them for it. Seems a lesson the people in the U.S. could learn, but that’s for another time. So what caused the people of Egypt to rise up against Morsi in the first place? Sure, we all know about how he subverted the rule of law (sounds familiar) and decided Shari’ah was to be the way to go. He also did nothing about the mass annihilation of Christians throughout Egypt, either. But why was he even president to begin with?


Before Morsi, Mubarak was the president. And while Mubarak didn’t like Israel, he held to an agreement with them to help secure their borders from radical Islamic regimes. Egypt even had trade with Israel at the time. What changed? U.S. intervention!

In 2011 the U.S.-led coalition, from behind, was perpetuated on the American public as a necessity to rid the Middle East of dictators Mubarak and Qaddafi. We’ve already seen that Mubarak was nothing compared to Morsi. So what of Qaddafi? His history is definitely one wrought with dictatorship – murders, rape, pillaging, etc. But in his final years Qaddafi had established Libya in such a way that Libya needed no other country to aid in Libya’s sustainability. Libya was a completely self-sufficient, self-reliant nation that took orders from no one, including the U.N.

Today, Libya is under Shari’ah law. One year after the murder of Qaddafi, we all know about Benghazi. Where was the newly instated Libya government to intervene or aid our consulate? Of course the Libyan government did become the first to alert the world that the attack had nothing to do with a video the elites in the U.S. tried, and failed, to convince the American public was the culprit; a failed attempt to convince the Americans that, once again, it was all America’s fault their consulate was destroyed that resulted in American casualties.

What most Americans do not know, is that during this same period, Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, had struck deals with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The UAE now has U.S. Lockheed missile defense systems, U.S.-made drones, which they are turning around and rebuilding and selling to Russia, and Qatar is now landing direct flights into the United States to no less than 15 cities. And at this time, Saudi Arabia was also being sold a fleet of U.S. F-15 fighter jets, as well. You know, the country that doesn’t allow their women to drive, stones women to death, kills anyone who wrongly speaks of Muhammad, who dictates the terms of oil sales here in the U.S., who, many say, funds a huge portion of Hollywood, and who has graced the U.S. with a plethora of terrorists.

If anything, the U.S. has a failed sense of understanding the most basic of definitions – ally vs. enemy.

As soon as Morsi and Qaddafi were taken care of, the U.S. moved its sights onto Syria, a nation that had been fighting among themselves for quite some time. Immediately the Obama administration, some Senators, that have sat on the D.C. shelf for so long their rot is beginning to stench, and some high-ranking military officials were starting their campaign in convincing the American people the U.S. just had to help the “rebels” against their dictator, Assad.

Russia was starting to put out information that those ‘rebels’ had U.S. military grade RPGs and rifles. Some in the media were pondering the idea that guns were being run from Benghazi to the rebels in Syria via Turkey, just before the attack (which was the night after Stevens had met with the Turkish Prime Minister). The U.S., on the other hand, was claiming Assad had killed his own people using Sarin gas. Other reports were coming out that it was, in fact, the rebels who gassed the citizens of Syria.

Well, the U.S. wasn’t going to have any of that, so Obama, McCain, and other government elites decided it was time to arm the rebels and aid them in their “humanitarian” effort to take over Syria, all the while maintaining the facade that it was Assad who gassed his own people.

If not for the anti-war leftists and Libertarians, coupled with the finally awakened conservatives, Obama’s “rebels” would have had carte blanch in Syria two years ago.

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