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Obama, Jarrett Background on ‘Promise Zones’


Breitbart – 2012: Black Grassroots Activists Protest Obama Fundraiser, City Hall, ABC News in Chicago

How Obama and Valerie Jarrett Helped Launch Their Political Careers in an Outrageous ‘Urban Renewal’ Scheme
Developers and investors got rich on a project that destroyed the homes of thousands of Chicago’s poorest black residents.

As President Obama’s second term begins, and inequality, especially for black Americans, is worse than it was when Obama first took office, it’s worth revisiting progressives’ and Obama supporters’ impression of the president as somebody who might actually care about equality and helping the most unfortunate in society. And a big centerpiece of that impression, which endures despite evidence that he’s at best ambivalent, is his early days in Chicago. The narrative that Obama is a salt-of-the-earth community organizer has been spoon-fed to the American populace since Obama first began campaigning. In reality, there’s a big piece of the president’s past that has gone under-reported that will help us to understand Obama and his closest adviser Valerie Jarrett a bit better: Obama and Jarrett built the nexus of political support that took him to the presidency by participating in one of the most appalling examples of neoliberal-corrupted City Hall-“urban renewal projects” in recent history that enriched developers and investors and destroyed the lives of thousands of Chicago’s poorest black residents, in some cases using his community organizer job as camouflage.

[image: HuffPost Black Voices (2013) - Tavis Smiley: Obama Administration Is Hurting African-Americans]

[image: HuffPost Black Voices (2013) – Tavis Smiley: Obama Administration Is Hurting African-Americans]

Tavis Smiley: Black People Are Not Better Off Under Obama; President Ought to Be ‘Held Responsible’

As we reported this week, PBS radio host Tavis Smiley debated Fox’s Sean Hannity over the government shutdown. Another interesting nugget from that interview is when Smiley asserted that the lot of black Americans has not improved under this current presidency.

“Are black Americans better off five years into the Obama presidency?” Hannity bluntly asked the political radio host.

“Let me answer your question very forthrightly: No, they are not,” Smiley responded. “The data is going to indicate, sadly, that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category.”

“On that regard,” he added, “the president ought to be held responsible.”

However, Smiley continued, “I respect the president. I will protect the president. And I will correct the president. He’s right on this government shutdown. Republicans are thwarting the rule of law with the Constitution. If they let this debt go into default, they’re trampling again on the Constitution.”

Smiley is a hit and miss sort of guy. For the record, the ones who shut a whole 20% of the government down was Reid, Obama, and Jarrett. The House, in accordance to the Constitution, passed funding legislation that ended up tabled in the Senate… the Democrat-controlled Senate that does not require a single Republican vote to pass or fail a bill (cloture not withstanding).

But none of that matters and all is going to be okay because now there are Promise Zones for the nation!

Who exactly will be climbing that ladder of opportunity? If history is any indicator, it won’t be the people continuing to vote for ‘progressivism’, but those that espouse the high life for themselves at the expense of the less and/or ill-informed.

Beware the ever-increasing federal government seizures in its efforts to expand its dominion over the people, no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, or political party affiliation.

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