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Personal Bias: Statists Know No Party Lines


Out with the unbiased opinion! When your country is being destroyed from within and your constitution is about to be ran through the double-edge shredder, one cannot help but show bias. You either side with America or you side with the Statists, there is no in-between or ‘moderate’ position.

For centuries America has seen numerous political parties, none as old as the Democratic Party; the Republican party didn’t come about until Lincoln was elected our 16th president.

On our 44th president now, the U.S. is inundated with Democrat this, Republican that, with a bit of Libertarian in there to mix things up, and conservatism to spoil the batch for all of them. Yet the party lines are predominately blue vs. red. Even Libertarians find red looks good on them when running for the highest office, unless of course they don’t get the Republican nod, which is when they find they’re happy to change the color of their wardrobe.

That’s not to say that Libertarians do not consider themselves conservative, it’s just that they are very well aware of the two-party web the U.S. government keeps the people entangled in.

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White House Insider: (laughs) “I’m a Democrat kid – always will be. And so was Reagan before he found religion!”

Ulsterman: “So is the president…so is Obama…a Democrat.”

White House Insider: (Laughter stops) “Nooooo – I don’t know what he is, but he ain’t no Democrat. He’s Barack Obama. He’s in it for himself, but he ain’t no Democrat. He’s an entirely different thing altogether. People are seeing that now – more are anyways. No, this guy is destroying Democrats, destroying the party. He ain’t no Democrat.”

Ulsterman Report November 20, 2010[/notify]

Whether the above quoted colloquy is from an actual ‘insider’ or the whole thing is Ulsterman himself is irrelevant; the statement is true – Obama is no Democrat.

The whole of the Democrat party, save less than a handful of elected Democratic officials are Progressives, or Statists.

The Republican party, who fight among themselves over what it means to be ‘Republican’ – conservative vs. ‘moderate’ – has seen more than a handful fall under the Statist banner, i.e., Lindsey Graham (SC), John McCain (AZ), and former Sen. Richard Lugar (IN-Obama’s favorite Republican) who thought his long-standing career as a politician would afford him yet another uncontested term in office until conservatives in Indiana took action. (Yes, their candidate, Richard Mourdock lost to Joe Donnelly (D) in the general, but the state saw its mistake from going blue in 2008 and went red in 2012.)

Graham recently stated, with regard to his upcoming 2014 re-election campaign bid, that he now has support from people who “weren’t around in 2008”. The first ‘people’ that come to mind would be those either beholden to or part of Obama’s former ‘Obama for America’ campaign, that has also recently been re-christened ‘Organizing for Action’. With the ads already running in South Carolina against Graham, perhaps he may want to take another look at what happened to Lugar last year. The position of Statist politician does not sit well with those who prefer to fight ‘for’ America and her citizens rather than against them.

Is it any wonder why Obama asked Graham to invite whom he felt would help benefit the dinner held during the time Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was holding his 13 hour filibuster, in order to get a direct answer regarding the use of drones on American citizens, from the Obama administration?

Is it also any wonder why little has been said by the Obama admins regarding Paul’s filibuster since McCain immediately came out and started calling the likes of Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) “wacko birds”? No need to demean when you have help from the Statists inside the Republican party.

Not everyone in America is going to agree on every issue. Not only is that the American way, it’s basic human nature.

One of the biggest concerns Americans have when they elect someone into office is that the elected official will become part of the corruption then eventually become a Statist. Those who automatically vote for statism are generally party line voters who refuse to look outside their party line rhetoric to see they are just as guilty for the demise of America as are those in Washington, D.C. who are destroying the very idea that set America apart from all other nations.

While political parties will surely be around come the 2014 and 2016 elections, and beyond, does not mean the people should vote for party. Hell, parties do nothing but continue to put into place their own players on the globalist board for voters to choose from.

At the moment the Democrat party is being controlled and backed by communism while the Republican party (RNC) is being controlled and backed by globalists of their own kind. While the two parties try to run on different American platforms and their means may differ in the light of politics, their ends remain the same – Statism over Americanism.

Also, at this point, given the game of politics and strategy, the money and support is not strong enough for a third party to come in and take America back in the whirlwind a great many Americans wish it to. There will always be more than one party running for offices and only the Libertarian party has at least seen the light at the end of the tunnel, barely.

The 2012 elections did see the Libertarians start to gain momentum in the big game – presidential, gubernatorial, and senatorial elections – but in the end, they did little but draw votes away from some of the Republican voters who decided to vote instead of stay home, which caused loses for the Republican party that otherwise would have won had those votes gone to the other half of the ‘two-party’ dance.

Since America seems so bent on having and maintaining a two-party system, perhaps it needs to realign itself with the party that fits into its own personal agenda for the country.

Before heading to the polls next year, including the primaries, educate yourself to the candidates and their platforms. Tune out of mainstream media – CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. – and start remembering what it was like to read for yourself. Make sure you know where you stand when it comes to the United States of America.

Do you prefer to live in a country where you are free to disagree with your fellow citizens, free to make mistakes while struggling to make yourself better, and free to help those you wish to help and turn away from those you do not? Or do you prefer to live in a country where your government removes your freedom to eat what and how much you want, forces you to be tolerant of what they deem proper to be tolerant of while abusing those that disagree, and refuses to allow you to better yourself because you’re too weak to do anything other than have the government take care of you?

No matter where you stand, just know that Obama and his team of Statists have not completed their campaigning. This week he is heading to California for four fundraisers. If you’re already elected into office for your final term, constitutionally speaking, why are you continuing to campaign? And why in a state that is bankrupt by over $2 billion?

When it comes to politicians, it does not matter on which side of the aisle one sits. The “new normal” has become the fall of the once greatest country on Earth because of people normally voting party line.

What is the real reason for the gun(people)-control agenda? The expansion of the use of drones? The ammo buy-out for DHS? The lack of a budget for America? The lack of approving the Keystone XL pipeline? The push for amnesty and open borders? Continuing to divide the people up into little groups – race, gender, social status, financial class? And is your elected official for or against any or all of these issues?

America is not about abortion – that’s a personal and/or state issue. America is not about gay marriage – that’s a personal and/or state issue. America is not about social issues – they’re sideshow distractions from what really matters.

America is about the Constitution of the United States; the idea that government is of, for, and by the people; that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. America is not a Democratic Republic, it is a Republic that votes democratically.

And the 2014 elections will determine the future of America.

“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”
~John Adams

In 2014, drop the party line, no matter which party you ‘normally vote for’, and make your choice between America and Statism.

As for my personal bias:

#2014 elections are all about America vs. Statism. Statists / Progressives know no party lines. | #VoteAmerica

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