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Say Good-Bye America


As if mourning the death of my father at the hands of centralized government healthcare wasn’t enough to deal with these past six months, the unselfish part of me weeps even more over the loss of my country.

I lost my father in the morning hours of March 28, 2014 to “modern-day medicine”. I, lured into a false sense that all was now well with him, walked out of the room for a moment, knowing there was no one around to stand watch in my absence. It was at that time the euthanasia medication and heroine replacement, Fentanyl, was bolused.

I lost my country approximately thirty years ago. Every single American, lured into a false sense of liberty, walked out of the room for a moment, knowing there was no one around to stand watch in our absence. It was at that time the euthanasia medication and Constitution replacement, globalization, was being bolused.

"American Dream" sculpture by Shanna Wheelock

“American Dream” sculpture by Shanna Wheelock

Under Reagan the global plan had been slowed down to a crawl, and in the minds of the global statists, for a long, agonizing eight years, and alot of lost time had to be made up for. While America’s demise started long before George H. W. Bush took his oath of office in January 1989, it was definitely given a high-dose shot upon his arrival.

Even during Reagan’s tenure, however, things happened; things no one was paying attention to (e.g., in 1981 the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) headquarters was formed in Plainfield, IN, USA). While Reagan did work to stave off Communism from America, in the end, Reagan did nothing to stop a tumor from latching on to the vibrant cell in the heartland of what once was known as America.

Since the 1980’s, America has seen her education system fall flat on its face, her ‘one nation under God’ principles degraded, immigration turned into an illegal alien invasion, her Constitution trampled on to the point every amendment in the Bill of Rights has either eroded, or is being eroded as you read this, and she has witnessed an uptick in attacks on U.S. properties, soil, and her citizens. These are but a minuscule few of the issues that have occurred over time, but even more so over the last six years.

Within a decade of the inception of the internet came social media (or, anti-social media) as a means for news, as well as satire, to be disseminated more quickly and to a wider audience. And even though the news is getting out there much quicker, the people are still doing nothing but limiting their anger to approximately 140 characters. It’s an addiction I’m not sure even the think-tanks thought would be as effective as it has become.

So long as the people are merely arguing among themselves, America continues her transformation right in front of their eyes. It’s due to this rapid, sometimes factless, dissemination that naysayers say things only appear to be worse. All the while, people continue to argue among themselves as, what was once, America continues to be converted into something she was never meant to become. No sense hiding it; half the people don’t believe it, and the other half aren’t going to stop it.

Again, I concede that America ceased to exist long before Obama (Valerie Jarrett) started occupying the oval office, but they, and others in D.C. and around the world, have been happily utilizing those “shovel-ready jobs” by shoveling earth over America’s coffin.

The United States has a lack of citizen unity the likes of which were seen in Iceland in 2012, in Egypt in 2013, and currently seen in Hong Kong. The driving force behind the new globalized America has been blamed on outside factors. Some are calling it Communism, others are looking to Islam as the great evil forcing the “change” in the “hope” they will dominate the world, while still others call it what it has been the entire time – the New World Order. Only problem with this is most people have no idea what they’re saying when they reference the NWO. Surely there’s more for them to blame other than the Illuminati, Masons, Bilderberg Group, Broadcast Board of Global Governors, George Soros, or Zionists. Surely they understand some of these titles are just illusions – distractions from the big picture.

It doesn’t matter what it’s called, there are groups that are part of a larger organization, and it is that organization, its methods, and results that matter.

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