Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud Happened in State Primary (2016)

Wayback U.S. UncutAmanda Girard 

Arizona’s Secretary of State has confirmed that election fraud took place in the Arizona primary on March 22.

During yesterday’s testimony at the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix, Secretary of State Michele Reagan was asked what her office was doing to investigate the claims that registration for thousands of voters had been changed from Democrat or Republican to independent. As US Uncut previously reported, thousands of voters were given provisional ballots, which aren’t actually counted, due to their party registration mysteriously showing up in the system as “independent” or “no party declared.”

Reagan answered “yes” when asked if she knew for certain voter registration had been changed prior to the primary election, then followed up by saying:

“This was something that know happens, and I know it happened to people in this room. It’s not hearsay. It happened to someone in my own office. One of my employees was registered as a particular party, went to go vote, and I don’t want to divulge his personal details, but it happened to him.”

While Reagan didn’t give confirmation that the voter database was hacked, as Anonymous has suggested, she did say the elections division was cross-checking all of the voters who cast provisional ballots and seeing how many had been registered as one party or another prior to the March 22 primary.

In one particular case, a voter named Bianca, who has documentation proving she’s been a registered Democrat since 2014, didn’t show up in her county’s voter registration database on primary day. One day before going to the polls, Bianca was still in the system, as she used that information to determine where she needed to go in order to vote.

Because Arizona is a closed primary state, those who aren’t previously registered as Democrat, Republican, or Green are prohibited from voting in primary elections. In its investigation of voter suppression claims in Arizona, Anonymous made the case that because Arizona stores voter registration information in easily-hackable SQL databases, it would be easy for any hacker to gain access to databases and change voter registration from one of the approved parties to independent. This would render thousands of votes impotent in the primary and drastically change the outcome. In this video, a man is seen teaching his 3-year-old child how to hack an SQL database.

The enraged voters who flooded the state capitol building in Phoenix yesterday are largely calling for a re-vote, as the problems with the primary extended far beyond the party registration mishaps alone. Reagan has promised provisional ballots will eventually be counted if they can somehow determine that party affiliation had been improperly changed, but has flatly denied the possibility of a re-vote thus far.

Amanda Girard is a US Uncut contributor covering politics, public policy, and social justice.